Jörg Maurer

Im Schnee wird nur dem Tod nicht kalt
nach dem Alpenkrimi für die Bühne bearbeitet
3 D, 7 H
frei zur UA
Police Inspector Jennerwein wants to celebrate with his team in a snow-covered and remote mountain hut. To sit comfortably at the fire-place and to tell stories in the familiar round, for once without the pressure of investigating and hunting criminals - with mulled wine and without mobile phone reception. But then a scary face appears at the window and an uninvited guest appears. Jennerwein wonders. Why does the coroner suddenly have a new boyfriend and who owns the crashed drone found by his colleague Becker down in the village? Almost too late, Jennerwein realizes that he has fallen into a trap from which there is no escape. If he wants to save his team, he has to go sledding with Death...
Bestselling author Jörg Maurer has adapted his eleventh alpine thriller In the Snow only Death is not Cold for the stage.