Stefan Schütz

Iokaste Felsen Meer
7 D, 21 H, Mehrfachbesetzungen möglich
frei zur UA
At the centre of Stefan Schütz’s new play about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification is the young Lusica, whose life is shaped by the “prefab”-relationship with Leonhart and her work on a milling machine in a state-owned factory – there is a sudden, bizarre twist when she gets lost while walking in the woods. There she encounters a talking wolf who for thirty years has been failing in his mission to eat the undead body of Oedipus that keeps growing back again. Lusica gives the hungry wolf a eucalyptus bonbon; he returns the favour and sleeps with her.
LUSICA Am I awake or am I dreaming?
WOLF Let’s put it like this: you have
wandered into the kingdom of the counterfactual.

Not long after, Jocasta shows up, expels Lusica and sets the dogs on the old wolf, who finish him off.
The child in Lusica’s belly grows terrifically fast: an interesting case for the doctors who want to keep her under observation, but Lusica flees and from then on lives in hiding. On the night the Wall falls, high above the roofs of the city, Jocasta and Oedipus help her give birth to her child, half human, half wolf.
OEDIPUS They are in for a shock over there
About their growth
They haven’t reckoned with
Taking in
A harmful populace.