David Lindemann

Irgendeiner wartet immer
Der mystische Grund der Zivilisation III
3 H
UA: 16. April 2008 · Casino des Burgtheaters · Directed by: Michael Höppner
The Apache-Scout KenNiTay, converted by the West, is on the hunt for his former justice mentor DeBuin, together with the young Sergeant Linus. In the meantime, Debuin has switched sides and is living the life of the Indians once hunted by him. Linus wants him dead or alive, and KenNi-Tay is to help him. During the search, they face the ever-changing question of right and wrong action. A meeting of both sides has taken place, but once again it is impossible to reach agreement. Finally, DeBuin is found, either dead or alive. The great advocate of law has become an outlaw.

DEBUIN I thought you were leaving and we were going to ride a bit together. Sniff out the country, kill a little, burn, just like in the good old times. I am such an idiot for putting these ideas in your head about civilization and such. I did not know you were that easy to influence.

"When I saw Ulzana's Raid by Robert Aldrich for the first time, I only knew Winnetou. What I do not understand is how a pro-Indian film, according to its self-understanding, could portray the Indians so cruelly. So cruelly that a young soldier jammed the barrel of his revolver into his own mouth to escape the torture of the Indians, after killing the white woman in his protection with a targeted shot to the forehead. What is missing here is tolerance of ambiguity. The ability to withstand unstructured situations. The trilogy has something to do with this ambiguity. "(David Lindemann)