Réjane Desvignes

Deutsch von Igor Bauersima
4 D, (1 H)
UA: 26.01.2012 · Theater in der Josefstadt, Wien · Directed by: Igor Bauersima
One day, beautiful and successful Vivi asks her friends to babysit her son while she goes to the dentist. The partly frustrated, partly envious friends take care of the sleeping baby, while taking care of their own children playing in the sandbox in the park. Incidentally, in Vivi’s handbag, which incidentally fell over, there is a postcard that everyone incidentally reads. A love letter from Jack, without a doubt. Could it be the handsome ice cream seller in the park? Could that be the previously unknown father of her son? The discovery causes a chain reaction of nervous breakdowns. No surprise. Gradually it turns out that every single one of the four present has an affair with the waffle hero as well. And only one person knew of all those affairs: Vivi! In their wild rage, the furies decide to teach their new enemy a lesson to remember. They plan to stage a kidnapping of her son. When Vivi returns, her son is gone. Surprise about Vivi’s composure gives fuel to the assumption that things are not what they seem. And that maybe Vivi knows more than previously thought. And that at some point the hunters become the hunted…

Jackpot is a comedy showcasing the envy of seemingly perfect bliss. Réjane Desvignes depicts four young mothers between the poles of bliss and frustration, who, despite their friendship, are in constant competition with each other. Something has to give, too many emotions are in the game.