Reto Finger

Kaltes Land
2 D, 3 H
UA: 6.10.2006 · Nationaltheater Mannheim · Directed by: Burkhard C. Kosminski
“The other isn’t good in difficult times.” The priest says this, in a lonesome village somewhere in the mountains. A self-serving declaration, made for the hermetic village community, but mostly serving as self-protection. Unspoken truths shall stay exactly what they’ve always been: covered, non-existent.

It doesn't help. The outside world intrudes. Hikers from the city, even now, shortly before the snow starts falling. Tobias for example. He talks to Hanna. Hanna, who is always standing on the station’s square, always when she doesn’t have to help her father, who calls her “boy”, on the farm, or the priest, who forces physical intimacy on her, on the cemetery. She tells Tobias about the calving cow, about the old, stinking man and about Malcovi’s daughter, who is singing in the mountains.

The times are certainly difficult. For Hanna’s family, too – Hanna’s brother died two years ago. His death hides an open family secret. And when it is completely revealed, the only thing left is silence – or running amok.

Kaltes Land describes how it feels when the corset forced on you doesn’t fit anymore and is close to bursting, in simple, poetic language and with highly intense characters. And about how it feels when escape has to fail, because you know nothing apart from your own world and are trapped in your own universe.
Translated into: Czech, Spanish, Swedish


Reto Finger
Kaltes Land
"Fremdes tut nicht gut in schwierigen Zeiten." Der Pfarrer sagt das, in einem ... mehr
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