Kathrin Röggla

Auftragsarbeit für das Residenztheater München
4 D, 4 H
UA: 12.05.2012 · Cuvilliéstheater München · Directed by: Tina Lanik
Barbara Schöneberger has done it.
Penelope Cruz as well.
And almost the entire Glockenbachviertel.

Having children is the greatest adventure of the middle class in the present day. Utopia was yesterday, today only the future of our children remains. And everyone wants to do things right with the next generation. In a time when self-fulfillment is on our to-do list, and the promise that everything is possible has placed a noose around our necks, planning for children, for their birth and education, has become an ever-growing market of hopes, fears, and vanities. But the fabric of society is torn: between preimplantation geneticists, children's shops, early childhood educators - and the non-parents. The world seems to be a single children’s birthday party, and not everyone is invited.
Here, mothers create an evening with a lot of music, an evening about the madness, the dark sides, the monstrosity and whimsy of parents - about everything that is brushed under the rug along with the usual compulsive-sentimental view of the dear little ones.
At long last, Kathrin Röggla and Tina Lanik wanted to work together on this project, and so they also planned the birth of their children the same year. (Residentheater München)

Translated into: Polish