Wolfgang Maria Bauer

Kirsche in Not!
Plan B1
3 D, 5 H, 1 Dek
UA: 27.06.2004 · Theater der Stadt Heidelberg · Directed by: Daniel Graf
The existence of a cherry tree, who is in love with an eagle, and in whose branches the eagle, who returns the affections of the cherry tree, as well as an owl, a woodpecker and a bat are living, is threatened by foolish, rich Dr. Karl-Otto Gärtner, who attacks it with sawing tools in the night. The strategy of the committed fellowship (which also includes a chronically late mole) to avert the imminent threat is seduction through pleasure. The sweet cherries that, dropped in his swimming pool or on the street, are the reason for Gärtner’s enragement, are irresistible to him if placed in his mouth. All is well in the end: Gärtner promises reformation and the eagle proposes to the cherry tree.