Caren Jeß

5 H
frei zur UA
"Social skills, yo." Fortunately Kevin, Aslan and Özgür don't have to take part in this bullshit anymore. They prefer to run away from their crimes in the endless loop of the prison yard. And there's actually a lot to run away from here: Dead pregnant women, slit-up prostitutes, hearts torn out, honor killings. By comparison, Aslan's stolen car is rather a trifle. But barbed wire connects. Aslan, do the lion, they call to him. But he's too embarrassed. Aslan only begins to roar when Özgür's feelings force him to ask the question of WHY and the (prison yard) world simply collapses.

Comically coarse and poetically tender, Caren Jeß describes the ambivalence of a potent and brutal-looking society that gets cracks when it is forced to deal with the deeper layers of its counterpart. An incredibly feminine view of male behavioral patterns.