Hilke Bultmann

Komm, gib mir deine Hand
4 D, 5 H
UA: 03.07.2008 · Gandersheimer Domfestspiele · Directed by: Adebisi, Adewale Teodros
Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Donovan and Bob Dylan on the one side, Hildegard Knef, Udo Jürgens and Alexandra on the other: they and many more are the idols of an era. Their songs reveal a lot about the time and about the power of music, which catches a sense of life, starts trends, talks about societal issues and pursues them. The songs of the sixties, in particular, are not only hits but expressions of opinions and milestones of music genres. They have lost none of their energy. Songs like “Bridge over troubled water”, “All you need is Love”, “Lola” or “Sehnsucht” reached the status of classics ages ago. KOmm gib mir deine Hand talks about the music of the Sixties and the sense of life of that era. (Gandersheimer Domfestspiele)

“Bullseye with sex appeal: It seems like now is the time to put the music and the spirit of the 60s on stage, as Hilke Bultmann has done. With a symphony of student movement slogans and the rumbling utterances of the petit bourgeois, she has hit the bullseye. Skilfully, she portrays two worlds.” (HNA)

“It’s about the fight of generations – of bourgeoisie and revolution – with a happy end that’s simply worth watching. Our scene is a music club in a small town. Here, the wind of ‘68 starts blowing, mostly thanks to an APO-student from Berlin. The musical theatre covers everything from schlager songs through the flower power era and up to the rock of the Rolling Stones. Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the music of the time has come to the right place.” (Die Eule)