Robert Woelfl

Kommunikation der Schweine
1 D, 2 H
UA: 23.03.2002 · Stadttheater Bremerhaven · Directed by: Alexander Seer
Marta and Albert lead a life they themselves designed on the drawing board. One day they shoot Erich, who had only come to fix their drains. An intolerable interference in their control mania, which is only the downside of incredible readiness to use violence because it’s the result of suffered violence.

The humiliations they inflict on Erich before they shoot him, they themselves suffer afterwards at the hands of Herr Richard, a law enforcement agent, whose exact function within the justice system remains unclear, but who, without intending to do so, restores Marta’s and Albert’s idea of deathly silence and unshakeable order by applying something to them that is familiar to them from their childhood.