Alexander Müller-Elmau

Land im Traum
2 D, 3 H, 1 Dek
frei zur UA
It could have been a very normal family visit, with all the expected ups and downs - especially the downs. Father and mother visit daughter and son-in-law. They mock the food, express their disrespectful skepticism, express their differences of opinion. The couples of different ages demonstrate how to use the weaknesses of their respective partners shamelessly for their own private retaliations. Each relationship is just about to boil over, but the pot lids still hold. Out of habit or fear of change.

So far everything is "normal". If it were not for the dogs and the bugs. Or the constant ringing at the door. And if there was not the dead fish that suddenly moves, or the horrible staircase and the rifle. Gradually one can sense the threat behind everything: a system, manifestly dictatorial, with strict rules and executions. It is better to not speak too much. The people in this system are deformed and corrupted, trying to continue their lives under a new system as if it were the old one. With moderate success.

Land im Traum is a bitter parable, almost painful: perhaps a look at how it will be when the country does not wake from its dream. "Germany, today.": this is Müller-Elmau’s stage direction into the abyss of so-called normality.