Réjane Desvignes, Igor Bauersima

Lucie de Beaune
4 D, 5 H, St, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 17.09.2005 · Schauspielhaus am Pfauen, Zürich · Directed by: Igor Bauersima
Since the days of my early childhood I have found joy in turning my playmates' heads and taking the certainty connecting them with reality from them. It was enough for me to blow out the candle for a moment and say a sentence or two, forming a new image together with the darkness, and already I had a hold on everyone.
The stories I told effectively didn’t matter to me; my joy was to have the others at my mercy as soon as they entered the realm of my fantasy. Later, when I was attending convent school, I was always a step ahead of my friends. Even before my ordination to priesthood I managed to convince the church eldest that he would soon kneel before me. When the moment came, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Today I am Bossuet, bishop of Condom. When even the king fell on his knees before me, when even he betrayed himself and his reason for me, I knew: the most vile and violent people are on my side. Yes, I have the whole country in my hands. But I am yet only a side character. Still, sometimes a nightmare wakes me from my sleep. I wake up and I’m alone, utterly alone. On my own in a world that doesn’t believe anything without proof. A world that only is what it is. Father, have I sinned? Or did I fulfil your will? Father? (Announcement Schauspielhaus Zürich)