Lena Christ, Wolfgang Maria Bauer

Madam Bäurin
nach dem gleichnamigen Roman für die Bühne bearbeitet
7 D, 7 H, Doppelbes. möglich
UA: 21.4.2017 · Landestheater Niederbayern, Landshut · Directed by: Wolfgang Maria Bauer
The summer tourists are coming to the country! They are actually welcome guests as they bring a supplementary income to the farmers, even though “the starving city folk eat up the lard pot and the flour and the egg supplies”. Apart from that, it’s the encounter of the rural way of life with the class snobbery of elegant society – an explosive mix. The townswoman Rosalie is very different, though. She loves the simple and authentic country life. Even though she is promised in marriage to a wealthy man in the city, she falls in love with the farmer’s son. But she has made her plans without taking the farmer’s wife into account who most definitely wants a different woman for her son than a madam from the city.