Judith Kuckart

Melancholie I oder Die zwei Schwestern
Theaterstück in 17 Szenen
4 D, 2 H, 1 K, 3 Tänzerinnen/Schauspielerinnen, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 18.12.1996 · Berliner Ensemble · Directed by: Jörg Aufenanger
"Elsa has one sister: Lili.
Lili has one husband: Ossip.
Vladimir has no one, but loves Lili.

Lili does not know exactly whether her sister Elsa doesn’t love the poet Vladimir after all, a little at least. So Lili loves the poet Vladimir Majakovsky a little as well, and takes him too. The sisters Elsa and Lili Kagan, each on their own, are looking for a poet who will write verses for them. Elsa, as Elsa Tiolet, finds the writer Louis Aragon, and Lili, as Lili Brik, the poet Vladimir Majakovsky. Both sisters thus gain a place in literature." (Judith Kuckart)

"A personnage de distance", a model from literature, history or art, allows us to tell of art and life, of resistance to the course of events, of final death. In making use of this model, the narrator gives way to make room for a fictional being on stage, one who is simultaneously the original character and something very different. Space and time change places. Today. Here. Now. For the one who tells the stories of others, even if he has done so for centuries, speaks the way he has always spoken and narrates his encounters with the living and the dead. "(Jörg Aufenanger, Judith Kuckart)

This play offers the unexpected invitation to actors and dancers to approach the characters with the soft, subtle nuances of melancholy, eroticism and comedy, to write through the figures to put the story into the room.


Judith Kuckart
Melancholie I oder Die zwei Schwestern
"Elsa hat eine Schwester: Lili.Lili hat einen Mann: Ossip.Wladimir hat niemanden ... mehr
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