Alexander Widner

Das Jahrhundert verblödet
Choreografisches Gedicht dem grausamen Leben zuliebe
1 D, 6 H, Verwandlungsdek
frei zur UA
“The century is stultifying” – not in innocence, but in evasive games of survival whose subtle and deadly presence exposes all witnesses to the game as monstrous playthings. In Menagiana, Widner uses photographic realism to portray the “rules of our species” as “suicide rules”, the potential counterfeiters and fixers and their urge to play the game. In a scenic kaleidoscope, short, dazzling highlights and eccentric fragments of a cultural and psychological history are concentrated into a “choreographic poem dedicated to the gruesomeness of life”. In the end, all that remains is the “haunting, screeching laugh of the gnome.”