Henrik Ibsen, Nuran David Calis

nach Henrik Ibsen
in einer Bearbeitung von Nuran David Calis
(Peer Gynt)
Auftragsarbeit für das Staatsschauspiel Dresden
5 D, 19 H, Chor; Doppelbesetzung möglich
UA: 03.12.2009 · Staatsschauspiel Dresden · Directed by: Nuran David Calis
Youth- from sidewalk to skyline- Peer- without detours-
away from here fast and never back- Peer
will not exist much longer either- if he stays here-
you won’t end up like daddy- in this shithole
-this place- which doesn’t love you- which bleeds you out
-without giving you anything- from now on I’ll let a beat run-
hard and thundering- boom boom boom boom- it spurs me on
-it drives me to the front- I want to make my way

Growing up- stop- Peer- where are your
manners- my daddy took them to the grave
-hihi- you know me- and you know I’m
legend- but you’re all fakers- I’m your
sun- my charm attracts you- come
closer and you’ll burn- the judgement of the people
will be my demise- out and fin- I’m flowing
like the wind- I let it out like a Pitbull-
you won’t survive the heat of life- look- I
hurt myself lifting my life- after this part
I will throw up

Old age- what I did wasn’t right- everything
I said
isn’t worth much more than dirt- I don’t know
who I am- come on Peer decide (!)-
now (!)- I don’t know- I don’t have an identity-
which holds my skin around me- I have created nothing
of lasting value…- it is time for me to go
and don’t turn
around anymore- I’m my own friend- who dreams
of himself- and only for himself- of better

Notes about Henrik Ibsen’s protagonist by Nuran David Calis