Ruth Johanna Benrath

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A daughter visits her mother in a nursing home. She engages the mother in a conversation about the past. But sharing memories turns out to be difficult: while the mother recalls experiences that took place long before her daughter was born, she can hardly remember their shared past.

In Mich mir merken, Ruth Johanna Benrath describes the onset of maternal dementia. Mother and daughter speak next to and with each other, their voices split into inner and outer speech. What is at first only foreboding, a shift in perception and memory, progresses in the course of time into a symphony of the associative. The leaps in the thoughts of the dementia patient lead her through her life on her very own path. Ruth Johanna Benrath gradually makes apparent the precious moments of forgetfulness with linguistic sensitivity and thus helps them to achieve a touching beauty.

Mich mir merken was first broadcast as a radio play by Südwestrundfunk in 2015.