Albert Ostermaier

Moi non plus oder: Requiem für einen Liebenden
Die Leben des Serge Gainsbourg
Auftragsarbeit für das Theater Oberhausen in Koproduktion mit den Ruhrfestspielen Recklinghausen
1 D, 3 H
UA: 04.09.2015 · Theater Oberhausen (Koprod. mit den Ruhrfestspielen Recklinghausen) · Directed by: Peter Carp
At the end of the seventies, Serge Gainsbourg invented a second face for himself, a double: Gainsbarre – a chain smoker, drunkard, seducer, provocateur, daredevil. A man hidden by the smoke of his cigarettes and the fog of his drinks, a man like his music, impulsive, driven, wild, and at the same time frantically tender, a man who sang every line and kissed every kiss as if they were his last, before death suffocated everything.

Gainsbarre, the attempt to invent an ego that can do everything, who is allowed everything, has to do everything, survives everything that would destroy his true self. An alter ego like a dazzling, loud, protective skin, to save the silence beneath. As if a person could see himself in a mirror and paint over his face, and then walk away and become two people.

Moi non Plus is a roadmovie and a love story about a man and his struggle with himself, with addiction, with failure. A struggle which increasingly defeats Gainsbarre - public, imagined, feverish fiction, not Gainsbourg. Only in the end, before death, does the child appear again, with unexpected happiness and love - a happy ending, when he finally achieves what he wanted to achieve. When it is still Moi non plus, but now more than ever: Je t'aime. (Albert Ostermaier)