Albert Ostermaier

Falsche Götter
Nach den Nornen - Eine Götterdämmerung
Entstanden für das Modern String Quartet und das Voyager Quartet im Rahmen des Programms Neustart Kultur
3 D
frei zur UA
Three norns, three goddesses of fate weave the threads of life. They weave and knot, stretch and spin, weave and work. And in doing so, they separate and join as they please. Past, present and future are the fabrics from which they knit their narrative. And a new world. A world that flows from their hands. An ideal world seems possible. Or even hell. After all, are the three Norns pulling the same strings? Or are they entangling themselves and fate in their conflicting desires?
Albert Ostermaier has three Norns tell the story of the Twilight of the Gods with virtuosity.
And about "How it will be", when a new world can be utopia or dystopia.
how it will be
how that becomes how
how in the end
never becomes
"After the Norns" was written as a libretto for the Modern String Quartet and the Voyager Quartet for an opera without vocals.