Sabine Harbeke

nachts ist es anders
ein reigen
4 D, 4 H
UA: 06.10.2006 · Nationaltheater Mannheim · Directed by: Christiane J. Schneider
The waiting room of a hospital. A place of coincidental and deliberate meetings. At night. A time between today and tomorrow.
A round dance begins. Eight people – eight pasts, which have led to an empty and unsatisfactory present. Tired and annoyed, they intertwine. Some are waiting on the result of a surgery, others meet again after years because the near death makes it necessary, others come for fun or simply to earn money.
Constellations develop and dissolve again. Very different couples meet, a conversation, a common game becomes possible which lets them forget for a moment. But everyone is alone in their sickness, their life, a shared past hasn’t been a consolation for a long time. Emotions lie dormant, there is no reliability any more, rules are broken and, despite that, sometimes there seems to be a solution, for a short while. The round keeps turning.
And in the middle, the mute flower girl sits with a polaroid camera and documents the general overextension of a night.