Nele Stuhler

frei nach Iwan Gontscharow
Auftragsarbeit für das Schauspiel Köln unter dem Titel OBLOMOW REVISITED
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UA: 11.11.2021 · Schauspiel Köln · Directed by: Luk Perceval
Nele Stuhler has written a wonderfully disinhibitedly lazy Oblomow, who knows how to ignore the important questions of life and his existence in supreme boredom and idleness. Never have we all been Oblomov as much as during Corona. And rarely has it come so close to us as in this rewriting, which knows how to plumb the limits of the bearable with self-critical irony.

Schauspiel Köln:
"Dear viewers,
the production OBLOMOW REVISITED is a new, fruitful and at the same time challenging examination of idleness. How do you represent idleness scenically on stage - in a theatre system that is geared towards entertainment? How do you address the positive aspects of laziness and refusal in a society that focuses on performance-oriented people?
The central character refuses this pressure and simply stays at home to do "nothing." Instead of theatricalizing this issue with an assertion, instead of pretending, we tried to really look at the issue to see where a refusal of the theater system would lead.
As you have noticed, we accompany our work process with multimedia, showing successes and also internal crises on Instagram, a blog and on the Twitch channel of Oblomov performer Luana Velis. I also want to be transparent with you now. The leading actress has been refusing to rehearse for several days. She sees it as an artistically consistent confrontation with her role. What the final result will be, we do not know now, but what is certain is that it will not be nothing. I hope for your understanding for this unique experiment. To gauge this final scenic event, I would like to ask you to check out the project's digital channels. There you will be informed daily about the current status.
Luk P."




Mit den Mitteln des Theaters wird in Köln der Zauber des Theaters dokumentiert. Die Kunst kann davon profitieren, wer sich auf das Spiel einlässt, auch.