Stefan Hornbach

Plan(et) B
Ein Klassenzimmerstück
Slowakischen Nationaltheater Bratislava und dem pesti Magyar Theatre Budapest im Rahmen von Young Europe III
Für Kinder ab 10 Jahren
2 Darsteller
UA: 02.10.2019 · Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe · Directed by: Djuna Delker
We sit in the classroom. It's just a normal school day. But today everything is different! Why? Because from today everything has to be different! And there is already a knock at the door! It's steaming. It's bubbling. Suddenly they stand in front of us - Marti and Alexis, two weird human subjects from 2109, stranded in the here and now. Just a moment ago the two spaceshipwrecked people were still on Mars - the last refuge of mankind -, and now they are standing right in front of us! The two have made a little mistake with time. Actually they wanted to pick up Martis grandmother Martha before the planet Earth perished. Unfortunately, Grandma is not born until 2030. But what are ten years in the course of time? As long as the sand still exists and the forest? If the ice still exists as a mountain and not only on a stick? Alexis, Marti, you and me and we all have a plan. A plan B! So that there doesn't have to be a planet B.

Inspired by the Fridays for Future movement, Stefan Hornbach has written an intergalactic classroom piece that encourages young people to stand up themselves for the future of our planet .
Translated into: English, French