Falk Richter

Portrait. Image. Konzept.
Kult. Eine Trilogie - 1. Teil
1 D
UA: 19.12.1996 · Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus · Directed by: Falk Richter
Portrait. Image. Koncept. Is not a conventional play that is based solely on a textual edition. The project works in different media, shows their structures and possibilities of representation at the theater. It is about transferring new media, such as video, CD-ROM, programming languages and TV-cut techniques, to a way of theatrical writing. (Falk Richter)

Judge: Imagine a youthful-dynamic presenter who is pulled out of the bed in the morning and thrusted in front of a running camera. Unprepared, she is supposed to moderate an interactive gameshow, and she has to come up with its rules on the spot.
S.F .: A countdown ...
Judge: ... in the media supermarket. Exploitation according to economic principles. She becomes an advertising object, for she must build an image that can be marketed.
S.F .: How did this character come into existence?
Judge: On the computer and live on stage. - There is a sampling program on a CD-ROM, a virtual text as a basis for the development of the character and the respective staging.
S.F: That is, the actress produces live text according to the specifications of your program?
Judge: Yes, body gesture, facial expression, emotional gesture, tempo, rhythm, media, themes, figures, image concepts, movements ... the actress clicks herself through a list of figures and offers.
S.F: And emancipates herself from it.
Judge: Playfully. The program is so flexible that it can be adapted to the personality and individuality of an actress who likes to construct her own Self out of foreign material, which has its own, individual logic.