Franz Helm

Scheiden (Mz.)
Ein Sittenstück für Frauen und Männer
2 D, 2 H, 1 Dek
frei zur UA
The author about the plot:
barbara, who works for a kind of private telephone counselling service and has to make a living for herself and her friend magdalena from this, learns from a letter that she is rhesus positive. barbara and magdalena, who had other problems till now, are convinced they will die from this “terrible pandemic a whole era has allegedly been named after”. at most, they have five years left, so they want to leave the world a slightly better place and infect their hated lodger horst with the “rhesus virus” as well. but the exchange of bodily fluids is more difficult than they thought. through huge effort, the evil plan succeeds. but unfortunately, the rather small education gap is closed incidentally, but too late – the evil deed didn’t pay off no really not it turned on them.
with the song positive by bob marley, what started practically negative ends positive.
maybe a positive tragedy, in any case a negative comedy.