Maria Milisavljevic

Schrei es raus! - überleben
Auftragsarbeit für das Junge Theater Regensburg
Für Kinder ab 10 Jahren
ad lib.
UA: 30.04.2022 · Junges Theater Regensburg · Directed by: Maria-Elena Hackbarth
Environmental destruction, exploitation, child poverty, sexism, war, exile, racism, pressure to perform - four young people do the reality check. The result: We don't want this world anymore, we didn't choose it this way! Together they decide to do something. But how do you stand up to a society and political elite that smiles and listens to the questions and opinions of the young generation at mandatory meetings, but ultimately ignores them? A sign is needed, a big sign! So the four of them embark on a life-threatening mission - and in the end become part of a cynical game in which the last question of all is at stake: How to stay alive?
Several hundred letters from students from the city and district, as well as workshops at several local high schools - Maria Milisavljevic, award-winning playwright and this season's author-in-residence at the Theater Regensburg, has written an exciting, fast-paced play called Shout it out! - surviving, Maria Milisavljevic has written an exciting, fast-paced and stirring play based on the themes and opinions of young people in Regensburg. (Theater Regensburg)