Alexander Widner

21 Szenen aus der Manege
8 D, 5 H, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 26.09.1998 · Vereinigte Bühnen, Graz · Directed by: Christian Stückl
Segej is someone like Udo Proksch, who has been sitting in the Graz-Karlau Prison for the last eight years. The “Lucona case” lies at the intersection of Austrian delusion and German history. With these ingredients, the unstoppable rise of the Napoleon of Demel Cakes escalated into a national crisis. “Outside, war is raging” says Proksch. He sees himself as a prisoner of war and is called “General’ in Karlau Prison.
Proksch hates the theatre and looks back on a life that offers material for the stage. Sergej is, however, neither documentary theatre nor dramatized biography, but tells the story of someone who is like Proksch:
“When my father came back from the war, I stopped growing. It was my form of protest against the breakdown of systems and the people that believe in them. I am exactly the same size as I was when the war ended. The war has to go on. I want to grow again. Even as a young boy I waged war. Back then I liquidated goldfish. We have to seek out adventure for ourselves again. For generations, there was no question. They were always at war. Every generation had its own beautiful one. Life expectancy unknown. We are the first generation that has to live out a whole life. War, we need war, like our fathers, our heroic fathers.”
Luxury, corruption, whores and the stock market are the weapons with which the mighty industrial ideologue Kron wages his war. “You have to be as big a pig as the state just to keep up with it. And then an even bigger pig to overtake it. With its own vehicles. I spit on this country, but I stay here. Not because I love it so much. Because I want to rob it. This Republic is still producing and muddling along, even though it barely exists anymore. A blight on the world. The world’s blight.