Réjane Desvignes, Igor Bauersima

2 D, 3 H, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 01.07.2002 · Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus · Directed by: Igor Bauersima
“Fred and Lea, he a ... writer, she an actress, ... like each other so much that they bear the tight circumstances in their one-room-production-eat-in-kitchen-toilet… with composure and are incorruptible even for the most lucrative idiotic offers by the television industry. That is until the appearance of Tiger, Lea’s old friend, who has made a successful living as a hip artist on the west coast and is a true work of art himself: his body is completely covered in tattoos, the newest, close to his belly button, is still oozing. In her drunken joy at seeing him again, Lea gives her old love a fateful promise: if he should die… she will take care of the mummified body, tend to it and dust it. Soon after, Tiger dies during an art performance, the plasticised tattoo-corpse moves into the one-room-shack and puts the morally superior couple to a hard test…
A lot of theatres will have a go at Tattoo. Hopefully.” (Theater heute)

“Cash versus class. Market versus morals. The seeming versus the real. Video versus reality. Desvignes and Bauersima have written a loud satire about the art scene that, while piling on and being absolutely crazy, manages to compete as an alternative counterpoint with Yasmina Reza’s comedy ‘Art’.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
Tattoo catches you off guard with its morbid wittiness, humour and irony. It’s an exciting, cheeky, refreshing play about the coolness of youthful non-commitments and commitments, as unrestrained and naïve as it is.” (Saarbrücker Zeitung)
Translated into: Czech, Norwegian, Spanish


Igor Bauersima, Réjane Desvignes
"Fred und Lea, er ein ... Schriftsteller, sie Schauspielerin, ... haben sich so ... mehr
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