Björn SC Deigner

tiefer Grund
Auftragsarbeit für das ETA Hoffmann Theater, Bamberg
1 D, 1 H
UA: 12.11.2022 · ETA Hoffmann Theater, Bamberg · Directed by: Sibylle Broll-Pape
Mother and father meet in the cemetery forest. At the tree of their son Erik. Today would have been his 23rd birthday. Eight years after the terrible events at school and his suicide. The parents are now separated. Slowly, through carefully chosen words, they approach their shared memories. The initial distance fades. They try to process and confide in each other what there are no words for. In flashbacks, we learn about the family when Erik was still alive. When he had already moved away from them, while they tried to revive their relationship with each other. How could they lose touch with their son without realizing it? How was he capable of killing? What does it do to parents when their own child becomes a spree killer? How does one go on living? Accusations arise, justifications are attempted, but everything seems void in relation to the incision that has marked their lives.

In this dialogue, which is as fragile as the content to be negotiated, Björn SC Deigner describes the parents' cautious approach to each other and to the past. In short, partly broken sentences, the prudence of not naming the obvious, the hurtful, resonates. The level of the relationship and the atmosphere can be experienced between the lines, when the parents try to understand, to process, to come to terms in retrospect....


tiefer Grund

Die Deutsche Bühne

Deigner hat ein hochverdichtetes Kammerstück geschrieben, das die richtigen Fragen stellt und auf einfache Antworten verzichtet.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

 [...] eine bedrückende, beeindruckende Inszenierung.