Robert Woelfl

1 D, 2 H
frei zur UA
Two tigers are held captive in the headquarters of Germany’s most important bank. For what reason? Nobody knows. Three people set out in the same night to enter the buildung and to search for these tigers. There is Mara, a militant animal protectionist who wants to free the two tigers. She wants to free all the animals of the world with a view of collapsing the financial system that way. Then there is John Tom James, a banker from New York, who is supposed to find out for his bank how money can be earned with tigers and whether his bank needs such tigers, too. And there is Paul, the young man who demonstrated against banks a year ago and who threw stones, but who would now love nothing more than to have a career in this bank.
Whether these tigers really exist and whether they are living animals at all or whether it is all merely a metaphor remains a secret for a long time.