Falk Richter

UA: 10.10.2009 · Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz · Directed by: Falk Richter
TRUST, or trust--that is what this is about: a basic feeling of emotional security or maybe the loss of this feeling, the loss of trust. TRUST also means, in an economic sense, the merger of several companies with the goal of legal and economic independence, for the purpose of forming a monopoly and maximizing profits. So Falk Richter uses both meanings of the word, in his lounge-theater developed in collaboration with the Dutch choreographer Anouk van Dijk. In so doing, he breaks down the market mechanisms of global capitalism and the financial crisis to the level of private relationships—and this has the potential both for humor and for anger. And although Richter lets out some steam and criticizes capitalism, which feels enormously freeing, the evening is still accompanied by a sense of profound sadness, a feeling of hopeless loneliness and isolation in a world out of order, a world in which every sense of security has been lost.

Translated into: French, English, Spanisch, Swedish