Simon Paul Schneider

Vom Fischer und seiner Frau
The Angry River
Frankfurter Autorenstudio 2015
1 D, 1 H, 1 Jemand, 1 Kind
UA: 12.06.2015 · Schauspiel Frankfurt, Kammerspiele · Directed by: Laura Linnenbaum
The woman is overjoyed when her husband comes home with a rucksack full of fish. He only had to go a little further than usual. You only have to pay a little bit more attention to this catch. But the fine whistle of the beaver can already be heard. He just wanted to say hello once. Just once get to know the wife, please. And he’s already discovered the fish. And grabbed the woman by the neck. And made a gruesome example of her. Because the man obviously still has to learn that in the end his fish is never a fish. Understood? The beaver takes the fish and leaves, whistling – the song of the capricious trout.