Björn SC Deigner

Zeit wie im Fieber
Auftragsarbeit für das Staatstheater Stuttgart
2 D, 2 Darsteller:innen
UA: 11.11.2023 · Staatstheater Stuttgart · Directed by: Zino Wey
Georg Büchner's slogan "Peace to the huts, war to the palaces!" seems all too simplistic to us today. But where do you start if you don't agree with the circumstances? Lena and Julie are stuck in the pit and try to get to the hillside where the view is wide and the air is fresh. Up there, where it's "fun for our money", mirrors could be set up to bring sunlight into even the darkest cellars in the valley. But on their way there, the two encounter a strange cast of characters who have drawn their own conclusions from their dissatisfaction - be it a king, an eager baker or this doctor who keeps popping up with her thoughts on human development. "A revolutionary reality does not fall from the sky," said Rudi Dutschke, spokesman for the 1960s student movement. But where does it come from? Scepticism towards democracy can be found everywhere: Where does this mixed situation come from, and what is actually right about it in the end?

Zeit wie im Fieber (Büchner-Schrapnell) borrows motifs and characters from Büchner's texts, the author of Hessischer Landbote, who is regarded as a revolutionary par excellence. Björn DC Deigner uses this reference to actualise the question of what revolution can look like today and whether we even want to change circumstances when they start with ourselves. (Stuttgart State Theatre)