Carlo Goldoni, Nuran David Calis

Zoff in Chioggia
frei nach Carlo Goldoni
Auftragsarbeit für das Schauspielhaus Bochum
4 D, 7 H
UA: 28.01.2012 · Schauspielhaus Bochum · Directed by: Nuran David Calis
Somewhere there’s the Chioggia, a run-down restaurant. Its good days are long past, no matter how much the families Toni and Pari work. Nothing is going to change about it. Especially because all of them are constantly fighting. The men and women, the old and the young, even the lovers and engaged couples. Because Titta Nane and Lucietta could be happy. But Lucietta wants to leave as soon as they are married. And Titta Nane wants to take over the business and stay. That can only lead to fighting. And envy. And desires. And intrigues. And misunderstandings. And tears. And everyone participates. For that’s what they are good at. They have always been and they will always be.
When finally everything could end well, Lucietta suddenly wants to stay and Titta Nane wants to leave. And everything starts all over again…

Nuran Calis has written a fast-paced, contemporary commedia dell’arte. Loosely guided by the scenes and characters of the original, with the Chioggia he has written a metaphor about securities breaking away.
His characters are constantly searching for ways to stop the decay. The solution seems simple: stronger together. But for the Chioggias this is one of the most difficult requirements. Why not leave and find happiness somewhere else? Why fight together for an uncertain future? What for? No one knows the answers. But maybe they suspect something, sense something, maybe they can already smell it – the Arab Spring!