Peer Paul Gustavsson

Peer Paul Gustavsson was born in Upsala as the son of a German teacher in 1978. After breaking off his studies of dentistry, he worked in a variety of jobs as musician, drawing teacher and as assistant director at the theatre in Gotenborg, before fully committing to writing in 2001. His children’s book Das Findelkind von Fjellbaka won him the Jens Over-Lundgren Encouragement Prize of the Värmland province. He had the idea for >em>St. Georg Blues when visiting Hamburg and happening upon the Autorentheatertage at the Thalia Theater. He lives near Zurich with his second wife, two children and a labrador.

Stage plays

Peer Paul Gustavsson
Das Wunder von St. Georg
7 D, 16 H
“He’s shedding, your football player”: the new hero of St. Georg is a dog. At ... more
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