Maria Milisavljevic

alte sorgen
gedacht entlang Georg Büchners WOYZECK
Auftragsarbeit für das Theater Münster
4 D, 2 H
UA: 26.02.2021 · Theater Münster · Directed by: Pia Richter
Kathrin tries to defy the lack of personnel. The lack of time. And the physical exertion. So she can give dignity to the old people. And closeness. But all this does not gain her any thanks in the nursing home. The boss urges her to hurry, the relatives feel misunderstood, her own daughter neglected. A patient becomes a danger to her life in his delusion. And she becomes too much for herself.
Following motives of Büchner’s Woyzeck, Maria Milisavljevic looks at his female counterpart in the chronically underpaid and understaffed care system. Who pays attention to those who give themselves over to this profession with unconditional commitment? Who at times even represent the only connection to the outside world? And at some point lose themselves in the confused fantasies of all those whom they have accompanied to the end?
Maria Milisavljevic merges in alte sorgen a tender declaration of love to old age with the sensitive yet bizarrely poetic observation of a nurse. Kathrin becomes the calculated victim of a chronically understaffed care system because she simply cannot escape her responsibility for people. Not even when her own life threatens to fall apart.