Hilke Bultmann, Klaus-Peter Nigey

Auf gleicher Höhe
Ein Stück über einen Verein, seine Menschen und Fußball
4 D, 5 H
frei zur UA
Brittelbach – a small town somewhere in the republic. The place’s main attraction is its football club, SpVgg Brittelbach. This club made football history: during the 1975 German Cup, they managed to beat the superior Bavarians, and only a year later they ascended into the ranks of paid football. The heart and soul of the team at the time was striker Paul Schäfer, who stayed true to the club even as it plummeted back down the divisions. Now, he is the coach, and sometimes the youth team produces promising talents. His own son even managed to become a professional footballer. His wife, on the other hand, runs the clubhouse.

The yearly club party is coming up. The anniversary of the oversized stand, which has seen better days, is to be celebrated. But then a catastrophe looms: a row with the main sponsor during the club meeting. The situation looks dire, especially because the sponsor is also the mayor of the little town and thus has enough power to out-manoeuvre the club. A race against time begins, a good defensive line must be established.

Auf gleicher Höhe is a homage to the people who live for football. At the same time, it’s a story about life in the countryside.