Alexander Widner

Buñuel, der Fisch und das Wasser
Burleske in 5 Sätzen
2 D, 2 H, 1 Dek
UA: 01.03.1997 · Das Schauspielhaus, Wien · Directed by: Eberhard Köhler
Buñuel, der Fisch und das Wasser is a brilliant comedy. With this panopticon of insanity and absurdity, of four perfectly-written petty-bourgeois neurotics, Widner once again proves himself to be a master of burlesque. In this explosive game of seduction and power, each person steps into the trap set for someone else. Revolution and anarchy, or pure Schadenfreude? Siegfried Grössel knows that “you have to live life to the extreme”. With the ease of parody, this spiral of destruction is heading for a macabre dance of death. And you couldn’t guess how it turns out.