Thomas Hürlimann

Das Gartenhaus
nach der gleichnamigen Novelle für die Bühne bearbeitet
2 D, 2 H
UA: 15.02.2014 in Winterthur/ 21.03.2014 in Oberhausen · Theater Oberhausen in Koproduktion mit dem Theater Winterthur · Directed by: Peter Carp
After their only son’s death, a silent struggle begins between the aging parents. He wanted a rose bush for his son’s grave, but his wife opts for a large granite rock. After this, he only accompanies her reluctantly on her daily walks to the grave. Until the day when he finds a starved cat behind the tombstone, which he takes care of in secret from then on. Only when his secret comes to light do the couple manage to reconcile. In the summer house of their villa, they find a way out of the silent “land of grief” together.
In Das Gartenhaus, Thomas Hürlimann describes the complicated relationship of an old couple having to overcome grave sorrow emphatically and precisely, but with delicate humour.