Christine Brückner

Der Kokon oder Die Verpuppung der Wiepe Bertram
5 D, 3 H
frei zur UA
“‘Tidiness is half of life, but now it’s finally time for the other half’, Wiepe Bertram tells herself after the death of her husband, a law professor, specialised in marriage and divorce law, who ironically posthumously turns out to be a serial cheater. His wife is now looking for some sort of revenge. To the dismay of her relatives, she sheds the cocoon of bourgeoisie and goes wild in her old days, swapping the well-furnished daily life of a civil servant’s widow for a jaunty hippie flat with a mattress, fur blanket and hammock. She socialises with people not befitting her social status and in this way finally breaks free from her ‘Master Bertram’. Der Kokon oder die Verpuppung der Wiepe Bertram is the title of Christine Brückner’s play, based on her novel Die Zeit der Leoniden.”