Wolfram Lotz

Die lächerliche Finsternis
mit einer „Anmerkung zu der etwaigen Umsetzung des Skripts auf einer Theaterbühne“
Einige Figuren unterschiedlichster Art, Mehrfachbesetzungen möglich
UA: 06.09.2014 · Akademietheater Wien · Directed by: Dušan David Parízek
A Somali pirate asks the Hamburg regional court for understanding of his attack on the cargo ship MS Taipan, and laments the loss of his friend Tofdau. Main-Sergeant Pellner and Corporal Dorsch take a patrol boat into the rainforests of Afghanistan. Their mission: the liquidation of a crazy lieutenant. The journey leads them deeper and deeper into a turbulent world in which colonial history and neo-colonial realities are inextricably linked. They continue to move away from so-called civilization, into the wilderness and darkness. When the drowned pirate Tofdau unexpectedly returns to the story and asks for help in the darkness, he is shot by Field Sargend Pellner. For in this narrative there is no place for a stranger.

Whispering, filigree, ironic, and at the same time endlessly sad, Wolfram Lotz describes in his radio drama The Ridiculous Darkness our inability to really understand strangers: the horror of a distant war, of another culture, another human being, and finally even of oneself.
Translated into: Czech, English, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish


Wolfram Lotz
Die lächerliche Finsternis
Ein somalischer Pirat bittet vor dem Hamburger Landgericht um Verständnis für ... mehr
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Wolfram Lotz

Die lächerliche Finsternis

Skurril und filigran, ironisch und zugleich unendlich traurig beschreibt Wolfram Lotz in seinem Hörspiel Die lächerliche Finsternis unsere Unfähigkeit, das Fremde wirklich verstehen zu können: Das Grauen eines weit entfernten Kriegs, eine andere Kultur, einen anderen Menschen und zuletzt sogar sich selbst. mehr

Wolfram Lotz

Die lächerliche Finsternis

DIE LÄCHERLICHE FINSTERNIS von Wolfram Lotz ist nominiert für den Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden. Das ... mehr


Die lächerliche Finsternis

THE STAGE (Gate Theatre, London, Feb/März 2019)

"What a stunning, subversive and ultimately hopeful piece of work. More like this, please.(...) Every part of this piece feels deeply thought through – from the foley that initially underscores the piece but eventually rises against it, to the absurdist and modernist sensibility soaking the piece that pokes fun at and harks back to Conrad’s novel."

WHATSONSTAGE (Gate Theatre, London, Feb/März 2019)

"An absurd and absorbing show clocking in at 100 minutes straight through, you'd be sorely pressed to find anything more riveting or stupendous. Bravo to the Gate for closing off its latest season in style.(...) A loosely reimagined and wickedly witty take on Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now. (...) It's a brilliant, at times elusive production about the marginalisation of voices and of skin colours in colonial stories that makes a mockery of jocular, weapon-clenching masculinity’

A YOUNGER THEATRE (Gate Theatre, London, Feb/März 2019)

"One of the most striking and successful sequences take place in a complete and unusually lengthy blackout, making us uneasy and anticipating the ‘horror’ at the heart of the darkness. What is revealed instead is a great amount of black cassette tapes, tangled on the steps and glistening in the purple UV lighting. It’s beautiful and striking."

TIMEOUT (Gate Theatre, London, Feb/März 2019)

"It’s almost impossible to know where to begin with Wolfram Lotz’s ’The Ridiculous Darkness’ ( …) Maybe, before I tie myself up into sociological knots, I should point out that it is an absolute bloody hoot."

THE GUARDIAN (Gate Theatre, London, Feb/März 2019)

"It is dark, funny and potent stuff. (…) its relevance sounds clearly by the end when actors reflect on narratives beyond Conrad’s, and invite us to think about who tells stories about Africa and who is silenced by them"