Björn SC Deigner

Die Polizey
nach Friedrich Schiller
Auftragsarbeit für das ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg
2 D, 2 H, oder viel mehr oder weniger
UA: 11.10.2020 · ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg · Directed by: Daniel Kunze
"Wickedness can use them as tools, the innocent can suffer through them, they are often forced to use bad tools.”

Crime, conspiracy, the night: these are the ingredients for Schiller's fragment The Police, which was created shortly before his death. With the French Revolution behind him, he paints a picture of Paris as a world with two faces, which the police also know how to wear as a mask. Already at the birth of the modern police force, he is clairvoyant in his search for the interweaving of criminal events and police work; he suspects the gray area in which the police are active. In the present day, these connections continue to develop in the sharpest possible way when informants thwart arrests and right-wing extremists seem to be no rarity in the force. Has the police made itself a friend and helper of the wrong people?

In The Police the police choir becomes the starting point and place of questioning. As a focal point of social developments, polarizations can be seen in the police as in hardly any other place in our community. The police is a social phenomenon which, as the executive organ of the state, has to secure and maintain democracy. How does the state legitimize the police's monopoly on the use of force when ts officers could also use this violence against the community? (Announcement ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg)


Björn SC Deigner

"Bist du auf dem rechten Auge blind?" – DIE POLIZEY von Björn SC Deigner wird am ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg uraufgeführt

"Natürlich ist es DAS Stück zum richtigen Zeitpunkt", schreibt Die Deutsche Bühne über das neue Stück von Björn SC Deigner. Für das ETA Hoffmann Theater in Bamberg hat sich Deigner mit der Polizeihistorie auseinandergesetzt und verschränkt sein neues ... mehr


Die Polizey

Die Deutsche Bühne

Natürlich ist es DAS Stück zum richtigen Zeitpunkt.