Harald Kislinger

Die Qualverwandtschaften
Dämonenaustreibung in 7 Szenen
1 D, 6 H
frei zur UA
About: Written in rhythmical verse. Meaning: musically a dramatic poem, from the first sentence to the last. It doesn’t rhyme, but it does resonate with itself.
It’s about darkness, German Austria, Greater Germany, fascism, fear in the belly cloth, thunder, player’s wounds, father’s heat, actor’s energy, etc. Dark poetry and hammer blows from the belly of the “people” slam towards us… who is who and able to do what and what becomes of a play and the other way around?
About the staging: nearly epic, like a Sergio-Leone-Italo-Western. With blackest humour, melodramatic force, playful lightness, poetically dramatic. The play of death in all its variations, opacities. The play of the hero, who falls. The play of the player – where play suddenly becomes destiny. The play of the hero’s fall in all its absurdity, emotion and pain. (Harald Kislinger)