Kathrin Röggla

draußen tobt die dunkelziffer
10 Darsteller
UA: 08.06.2005 · Volkstheater Wien/Wiener Festwochen · Directed by: Schorsch Kamerun
Be quiet, our credit card child is sleeping, he is probably dreaming. He dreams of healthy capitalism.
National debt reaches dizzying heights, the private insolvency increases, debt counseling has boomed. The beautiful fairy tale of a carefree life in prosperity has been dreamed to its end, even for those of us who have themselves hitherto juggled with finances. Fear no longer knows any social limits; it spreads everywhere. And economic reason is something else entirely, in times of general economic weakness.
Kathrin Röggla has researched and shown collapses both large and small— comic and real, ironic and blunt. Debt consellors as well as debtors and their dependents are heard from, along with the world market leader, who will not be told that he is broke. They are in debt and thrifty because they want to reduce their debts. Or there is the star photographer who doesn’t open his mail anymore. Or the family below the poverty line who at least wanted to buy a hot water heater. Credit accidents and millionaires at a loss who cannot reach the safety of dry land in a "putting-out-fires system."
But I'm not a criminal.
But I'm really not a criminal.
It cannot be true that I have become a criminal.
draußen tobt die dunkelziffer shows the symptoms of a new epidemic: the "money sickness". Röggla captures the various jargons of the "sick" and the "caretakers" and delivers a concentrate of all them. The play is also an amusing game with language.
Translated into: French, Spanish