Nele Stuhler

Gaia googelt nicht
5 Darsteller, oder mehr oder auch weniger
UA: 9.6.2021 · Deutsches Theater Berlin (Open Air / Innenhof) · Directed by: Sarah Kurze
Nele Stuhler's moaning Gaia is one of the most passionate and exasperated creators of the world ever described. The creatures she creates from herself, brings forth out of herself, are inextricable. And the result is unmanageable. Chaos. So much to create. So much to put into order. Unwaveringly. And all alone and all permeated by femininity: the nothing, the heavens, the air, the night and much more. But all this changes when Gaia eventually creates the phallus. There the creation divides. In Her and Him. And children just tumble out. But no longer only from her. The coitus makes it possible. So creation is no longer just Gaia's thing. And with it the others feel somehow also more comfortable. Because it can't hurt to have a MAN with you.

This comedy is so rich in weird wit and adorable quirks that one hopes the world would never have been created in any other way. Because when the words create themselves in the beginning and become the Chaos Choir or vice versa, then the myth and the figures populating it question themselves in such a charming and funny way that it is a joy to be allowed to witness this creative process.