Uta Bierbaum

UA: 25.06.2021 · Burghofbühne Dinslaken
Eggheads, poop-brats, ass-cramping stink maneuvers! The asshole children have struck again! They just locked Fritzi up in the old school garage. Even Fritzis secret swarm Sven took part. Happy 11th birthday, Fritzi! So good that favourite grandma Luzy has a plan! Together with Bingo-Harry, Luzy's late husband - now dog, they make a plan: They climb into Luzy's old Volvo and start on a wild road trip to Bielefeld. At a motorway rest stop, they meet Nowak, a mysterious hitchhiker who is so different from Fritzi and Luzy. Nowak is a real Riot-Grrrl. With her no bullshit attitude she encourages Fritzi to trust in herself and not to define herself through others. Revolution Girl Style Now! Together, the travel group Infernal makes the highways of the Federal Republic unsafe until it comes to a spectacular chase that will change everything!

GRRRLS - that's a threatening growl in the throat. A subversive call to revolution. A call to self-empowerment. A coming-of-age journey. So, adjust the rear-view mirror, throw in an old Bikini-Kill cassette and put your foot on the pedal!


Uta Bierbaum

"einfühlsame Coming-of-Age-Story für drei Anti-Heldinnen" – Uta Bierbaum erhält für ihr Jugendstück GRRRLS den Kathrin-Türks-Preis 2020

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!! Uta Bierbaum erhält den Kathrin-Türks-Preis 2020 für ihr Jugendstück GRRRLS! Der Preis ist mit 5000 Euro dotiert und beinhaltet die Uraufführung am 25. Juni 2021 an der Burghofbühne Dinslaken. GRRRLS (14+, für 3 D und BINGO-HARRY)   Die Fachjury - bestehend aus Nicola Bongard, Barbara Frazier, Bettina Maurer, Henning ... mehr