Naomi Schenck

Hawaii - Szenen aus einer hellen Nacht
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ONDA: This is how the game works. You know everything. You understand everything. You can give me answers to everything. I will believe everything you say.
BELM: Aren’t you overestimating me?
ONDA: And so what if I am? It’s a relief for me not to have to make decisions.
BELM: And if I can’t fulfil my duty?
ONDA: No matter what you do or don’t do, it fulfils your duty.

Onda wants to do an experiment on herself: to manufacture artificial love. The result of this project will be published in a book called Hawaii. The artificially loved man will be Belm, a stranger that appeals to her. Onda dives into this experiment with disarming openness and concentrates her life on the book and her relationship with Belm. Belm, on the other hand, a trained philosopher, doesn’t only love his freedom, he knows how to protect it. While Onda submits herself, indulges him, caresses and begs for love, Belm remains aloof. While Onda ends the relationship with her fiancé, Belm continues his affair with the beautiful Francoise. But Onda’s persistence reaps rewards. Belm gets used to the woman who won’t leave his side. But when Onda reveals to him that she is pregnant, or at least pretends to be, Belm loses his balance. Onda puts an end to the project and lets him go. What Belm has left are “22 recorded experimental set-ups with the goal of manufacturing artificial love.”
In 22 scenes and with a fascinating mixture of humour and tragedy, Naomi Schenck connects the lives of two people who at first have nothing more connecting them than a handful of rules. That love can be manufactured is beyond doubt, but that a happy ending should be inevitable seems not to have been envisaged as part of the project’s description.


Naomi Schenck
Hawaii - Szenen aus einer hellen Nacht
ONDA So geht das Spiel. Sie wissen alles. Sie verstehen alles. Sie können ... mehr
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