Stefan Schütz

Stück in 12 Bildern
2 D, 12 H, 2 Dek
UA: 27.11.1979 · Half Moon Theatre, London · Directed by: Robert Walker
DSE: 20.11.1982 · Städtische Bühnen, Osnabrück · Directed by: Goswin Moniac
Fifty years ago, the poet of the Russian revolution, Vladimir Mayakovski, voluntarily quit life. Disappointed that his wild belief in a better world had not come true, hurt by the disrespect for his literary work and exhausted by the controversy around his wild, insatiable lust for life, he fell into seemingly inescapable depression. From this endpoint, Stefan Schütz depicts his Mayakowski, makes him into a divided man who is always fighting with his temperaments: here the obsessive believer in progress who lets rip at everything stubborn and conventional; there someone who reasonably insists on the course of things, on moderation and submission.