Maxim Biller

Menschen in falschen Zusammenhängen
1 D, 1 H
UA: 10.10.2006 · Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin · Directed by: Peter Kastenmüller
Dina just wants to return the letters and poems to Micky; their liaison is supposed to be over. But the last shared evening turns into a last shared night and, eventually, into a whole weekend and more. Lust, a shared past and mutual attraction they can’t ignore: Dina and Micky get entangled in and hurt by their physical and mental passion.
They don’t agree on anything close to all matters. Micky’s self-image as a Jewish person is very different from hers. He appears on talk shows as a Jewish intellectual and talks about the (in his eyes hypocritical) harmonisation of the relations between Germans and Jews (and vice versa). He polemicises and dreams of a better Germany.
Micky uses this weekend’s talk show to force Dina to decide for or against him, for her husband Sven or against him. He doesn’t directly name her, but everyone knows who he is talking about. Back in the flat and in all conceivable sex positions, they know something has to happen.
Half a year later. Dina is pregnant. She talks to the man she decided for.