Stefan Schütz

5 D, 17 H, (Doppelbesetzungen möglich), Verwandlungsdek
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Molek, exponent of capitalism and owner of a bed company, is on the brink of ruin. His factory must soon declare bankruptcy; only an offer to buy him out can save him financially. But Molek, at one with his company, refuses. He would rather go down with it. His wife is already putting money aside, employees are starting to strike. And then he has an idea. He gives the factory to his workers: concentrated work performance optimisation through direct responsibility. He will remain manager indefinitely. The workers sign, the factory seems to be saved. But they start to waver as soon as the takeover offer climbs. Molek cleverly foresaw this situation, and made sure what they signed said that his present could not be sold. “His death alone can nullify this clause.” The euphoria ebbs, they are greedy to sell. And because the company is failing, they think up a plan to unburden themselves of their patron. People turn into trees, trees turn into woods and the machines screech their song for the last time.