Daniel Mezger

oder Jung sterben hat mich auch nicht besser gemacht
2 D, 2 H
UA: 12.4.2013 · Luzerner Theater · Directed by: Pedro Martins Beja
The story is simple, it goes like this:
At the funeral of her boyfriend, she - we can call her Mira - notices another woman who seems to mourn, but nobody knows her. Mira follows her, pursues her for days, until she finds an opportunity to talk to her. Ann is the other woman. Mira also introduces herself: Nora.

Ann has had an affair with the deceased over the last few years. Mira had not known he was leading a double life. The story she has in mind is different. They seem to speak of two different people.

The story becomes more complicated:
A strange friendship develops between the two. Mira is working on her Nora camouflage. Mira asks for stories about this strange man she thought she knew. And the author also plays a secondary role. But he does not want to accept this.